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Posted: 05/19/2011 in Uncategorized

I was told that all of my post generally bash upper management. It is true I have some apprehension towards the people who have gotten further than me in the drugstore business, not from smarts but mostly from ass kissing and a willingness to diminish ones self-worth.  (You all know what I mean.) So to be fair to the shift leaders and head cashiers and assistant managers, whoever, whatever, I have talked to one of you. I have stepped into the mind of my enemy and here it is for all to read. Her name is Beatrice Kiddo and she is a past Sales lead, sort of like a shift leader. Her name is false but her position is right and true. This interview is going to take place in two parts. The interview started at her place of residence in the Bronx.

Dez: So what did your job entail?

Kiddo: Inventory control,truck shift lead (meaning person in charging of bringing in the goods), Counting 500,000 beads for inventory, 13 hr shifts before corporate visits, replacing whole seasonal sections in one night, terrible shit like that.

Dez: What were your employees like?

Kiddo: Well I don’t want to call them my employees because I wasn’t that high up for the chain of command. I have managers as well. But the people who I had “control” were sometimes cool and sometimes not. I mean there is no incentive in this job so what would be the purpose of trying to make them work hard. Think about the turnover rate, these people never cared.

Dez: You said that you have managers, what are they like? And what do you mean these people never cared?

Kiddo: Well what I mean is they never see the repercussions of them not doing there job unless they get fired. All they hear is me telling them what to do and if they do it great if not what am I suppose to do. I say these people because they are mostly people who don’t necessarily needs jobs. They aren’t paying rent or anything that responsible besides their cell phones bills and who knows their moms probably pay for that as well. And my managers suck just as much as the people under me think I suck.

Dez: Okay you say that the people under you don’t really need their jobs, but how do you know? And please elaborate on your managers “sucking”.

Kiddo: Well I would know wouldn’t? I would hear them complain about rent and I don’t. I hear them complain about the new video game coming out. I mean there are some people who I am sure have responsibility. But if that’s the case why work for ___ (job name has been omitted). Or why be in such a low position. And they suck. They tell me to do idiotic things and they never know what they are talking about.

Okay so after this statement things got a little heated. Click to the next post to see more.


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