Posted: 05/19/2011 in Uncategorized

So Craigslist is the new classifieds section. That became apparent to me when I saw that there was over 700 posting for jobs on the island of Manhattan alone. In a Frontline documentary I watched in one of my journalism class, News War, the reporters were mainly speaking about the “fall” of the newspaper. One of the reasons is because there classified sections have been wiped out. They have all moved to craigslist. Newspaper’s main source of income comes from classified sections. In this new day and age many people feel that searching for items or jobs on the internet is way more easier then looking at a newspaper. But is that really true? In my opinion, no. One of the reasons I think that is because the internet is so impersonal. A resume is just a piece of paper, there is never a face to it. Employers receive resumes all the time, how in anyway can they really pick a person? From a bullet-ed list of tasks? My speech my not be super eloquent but I can say my “objective” way more illustrious than simple writing.  Most resumes are boring! Mines is even semi-boring besides the few font changes I made. So what do we gain from being so impersonal. A quick way to never find a job and even bigger way to separate ourselves from the rest of world. We date online, we reconnect on line, we email, we text. I want some physical connection with an interviewer, (not that physical) but you get what I mean. What do you think?


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