Something New

Posted: 05/16/2011 in Uncategorized

Now that I am currently searching for a new job I started to wonder what are the top jobs or the worst jobs and anything in that particular topic. So I used my research skills a.k.a. Google to look for some jobs that would be suitable for me when I graduate or now or for whoever. According to, the top job for students is an on-campus tour guide.

“By showing prospective students, their families, and alumni around university grounds, you’ll no doubt improve your speaking and presentation skills.”

This kind of makes sense to me but it doesn’t work for me considering I go to a commuter school. What would I tour, the subway? So I see usnews’s point but no. So I decided to screw my search for jobs pertaining to me and just google the highest paying jobs. According to CNBC the highest paying job in 2010 was a surgeon.

“Specialists, in particular, earned the most. Surgeons took the lead spot, making an average of $219,770 last year, the highest average salary in the country, according to the government data.”

According to the worst job is gas pipeline worker. And according to the Huffington Post the worst paying job that requires a degree is a social worker. As you might be now, I got kind of bored with this.So I left my Google searching and decided to buy the New York Times and the Daily News. My mother always found jobs by looking in the classified sections of these papers. Well guess what, I couldn’t because with these two papers combined the amount of pages for the classifieds was four, back and front. My question was where did the classifieds go, and then it hit me: they went to It was back to the computer for me and to craigslist that I went.


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