A Work Poem

Posted: 05/16/2011 in Uncategorized

My viewers have spoken! Well, at least one viewer. She has heard my cries of “Please submit stories to me” and decided to write a poem based on her job. It describes quite accurately the retail work place. Scary. So with out further ado here is “Hell Reader” by Tiiniie

As I climb my way up / And walk towards my living hell / I begin to sweat / The madeness within me / Makes my body temperature rise to a boiling point / As I apporiach my doom / The walls of flame / Shoot fire balls at me / No where to turn or hide / This place is essential for me to survive / I enter my code into the small device / *ACCEPT* Flashes across my eyes / My soul for 8 hours belongs to the devil / My sweat, tears, and blood / Makes up the product that we sell / One task, two task, three task, four / It never ends, all through the night / The sky outside get brighter / My hell is almost over / But for only a couple of hours / For as I walk away / I remember tonight It will be the same / And I sigh to myself /As I crawl my way down


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