Speaking of Smelly

Posted: 04/05/2011 in Uncategorized

In lieu of the last post “Flattering Flatulence” , I was told by a viewer that there is something worse then some flatulence in the morning. I replied, “How could the smell of eggs minus the bagel or cheese have competition.” She replied, “The man who seems to never shower.” Yes the co-worker who believes that showers are above them and that they cannot subject themselves to something so trivial. Or perhaps it is a case bromhidrosis. This is a from of b.o. or body odor. Now the only cure, I am sad to say, is getting your ass up and into the shower. Of course there are medicinal cures like antiperspirants, topical antibiotics, but I mean unless you go to the doctor and he or she tells you that this is a serious problem just get up and shower. Now I’ve always asked myself, “Do smelly people know they smell? Or do they get to a certain level of stinky and then the light bulb clicks upstairs.” Well the stinky co-worker happens to have an answer for me: Yes he does know he smells. According to Blaze, the person who so graciously gave me this story to post, they have had frequent conversations on this guy smelly bod. She wasn’t quite sure how to approach him on the issue, so she just gave it her best shot and brought him a body wash set for Christmas. It didn’t work. So in the end what can she do? Should she do something drastic like these guys or should she just plug her nose and deal with it. Any suggestions? I know one things is for sure I hope he doesn’t have smelly fingers.


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